Vestland, Norway



Lingalaks AS is a familiy-owned local salmon farmer with a total of 11 farming-licenses with production sites in Kvam, Kvinnherad and Radøy municipalities. In these areas nature provides us with the ultimate conditions for our fish: Good temperatures, clean, clear water and strong currents. Through generations, our founders and employees have gained invaluable experience and unique knowledge of the local environment and climate.

This basis of knowledge and experience provides us with the ability to be innovative and keeping our way of farming on a very high level of sustainability and environment friendly. We have been granted 2,37 development licenses through our concept “Stadionbasseng”, which is a unsinkable closed concrete cage, which will be lice free, close to zero risk of escapees and will collect and gather the waste. This is one of many projects we are doing to improve sustainability and lowering our environmental footprint.

Our administration and main processing facilities are located in the Hardanger Fjord and our company’s core values are honesty, forward-minded and cooperation.