We offer finest Norwegian seafood from brands such as Bremnes Seashore, Kvitsøy, Salma and Bömlo.

At Sjór we take pride in supplying high quality products

Sjór is the proud supplier of some of the most well known brands within the salmon category. Salma and Bömlo are the result of extensive investments over a long period, to lay the foundation for product development that creates a difference in the market. Mix this together with close partnership with exceptional customers, we create value through the whole value chain.

Meet our brands

BÖMLO is Bremnes Seashore’s brand for quality salmon that we distribute to selected export markets in Europe and Asia. The BÖMLO brand consists of fresh and frozen whole salmon, as well as various fillet products.

SALMA is a skinless and boneless salmon fillet that offers world class quality. Our delicate salmon is one of Norway’s best known brands.