Salmon supplied by Sjór is always of superior quality.
Our products are inspected and documented all the way from roe to finished product.

Quality in every step of the process

A strong focus on fish welfare throughout the growth period makes our salmon a raw ingredient of the highest quality. Through effective, yet gentle and hygienic processing and refinement, we ensure that this quality is maintained from farm to fork.

A healthy salmon thriving in the netpen is a salmon that grows well and produces fine meat. That is why our suppliers place great emphasis on facilitating excellent fish health and welfare in our facilities.

To ensure that we supply healthy, first class salmon products, Sjór has in close cooperation with our suppliers strict quality assurance systems in place.

Two of the key pillars of these systems are traceable products and the control and monitoring throughout our value-chain. We ensure that our products are traceable, meaning we can follow the history of each and every fish from roe to finished product. We do this with the aid of systems that marks, monitors and ties together all data from start to finish.

Environmental sustainability and long-term care of the sea, its shores, and the welfare of our fish, are paramount when producing Norway’s finest seafood.

Sustainability is also about using renewable energy and making the most of our resources. That is why our owner is investing heavily in initiatives like electrification or hybridization of farming locations, and water recycling in hatcheries. The company also ensures that 99.8 per cent of harvested salmon is used for human consumption or as ingredients in animal feed.

For more information see our farmers.

Excellent service is a Sjór thing

At Sjór we strive to match our high quality products with the same standard on service and distribution.

We provide continuous supply of seafood, year around to ensure stability and reliability for our partners.

Our experienced and motivated staff go above and beyond to ensure the highest level of accuracy in every delivery.

Our proximity to the market makes one of our key features to be able to deliver our products as fresh as efficient and possible.

Quality Certifications

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