From farm
to fork

Our fish farms and harvesting plants are located along the coasts of Norway, provides optimal conditions for farming salmon. Our close proximity to the markets is another advantage, ensuring our products remain the freshest.
Vestland, Norway


Bremnes Seashore

Bremnes Seashore is one of Norway’s leading suppliers of farmed salmon. Through continuously investment in technology and innovation we are at the forefront of post-smolt production, electrification of salmon farms and high-quality salmon through optimal fish welfare.

From our state-of-the-art factory in Bømlo on the West Coast of Norway, we supply salmon of the highest quality to customers around the world. We are most known for our premium brands SALMA and BÖMLO. Most customers know us as the preferred choice for high-quality salmon, or simply “H-82 quality”.

Vestland, Norway



Bolaks is a pioneer of farmed Norwegian Salmon since 1975 and today both the 2nd., 3rd. and 4th. generation is engaged in the company.

Bolaks is a proud breeder of new generations of salmon, and through 45 years of continuous development of our own Bolaks-salmon, it is optimized to thrive and grow in the west-fjords of Norway.

Fish welfare and sustainability has been and always will be our main priority in both innovation and the day-to-day farming. From the Spring 2021, all our salmon farms are electrified and we are continuously seeking opportunities to further decrease our environmental footprint and coexist in harmony with life under water in our fjord.

The Bolaks salmon is processed at H-82 to ensure that our high quality sustains all the way to end consumer.

Bolaks – Our own breed of quality salmon raised in our own fjord